Rescuing an Old Dame

“We thought we knew what we wanted, we were just looking for someone to ‘draw our plans up” for council. Pamela came recommended to us by a mutual friend. We didn’t actually speak to anyone else after meeting Pamela as we knew she was the woman for the job. We wanted to reuse and recycle as much of the old house as possible and create a sustainable home. Pamela was enthusiastic and positive about the project and completely understood what we were trying to achieve.

Pamela not only translated our ideas into detailed plans, but introduced some creative solutions to some challenging areas and provided crucial technical information that allowed us to create the energy efficient, sustainable home that we now live in.  Everything is working beautifully, just as we had envisioned.”

2010 Michelle and John. Margaret River  Western Australia


Witchcliffe Ecovillage, Margaret River.Western Australia

“I first met Pamela Forward when she was living in Ubud, Bail, in 1992, at which point Pamela was buying furniture in Indonesia and exporting to Western Australia.

I realised at that point that she had a fantastic eye for furniture and interior decorating, so it was no surprise that the next time I came across Pamela, some 15 years later in Margaret River, that she had completed a Diploma of Architectural Design and Documentation.

In the ensuing years she designed several iconic commercial buildings and many residential homes in the region. Her work in the community included running workshops on straw bale wall building, wicking bed construction, residential design, teaching to the Permaculture Design Certificate Courses facilitated by Fair Harvest Permaculture and co-facilitating the delivery of Murdoch University’s “Living Smart-Creating Sustainable Communities” courses for the Margaret River Shire Council. Her work has expressed her personal commitment to making sustainable design solutions available in everyday life.

I asked Pamela if we could use some images of her own beautiful home in Margaret River for our ecovillage website, as her home absolutely captures the essence/sense of place of Margaret River whilst also achieving outstanding passive solar design, and being an aesthetically beautiful and comfortable home, both inside and out.”

Acknowledging Pamela Forward for the use of photos of the beautiful home she designed and built in Ashton St, Margaret River. A home that truly captures the essence of Margaret River.