Over the years I’ve run Straw Bale Garden Wall Building Workshops, Wicking Bed Workshops,Locavore Shared Meal Workshop, Sustainable Community Workshops and Building Design Workshops. I like to run Building Design workshops best of all.

Basically I give up a weekend of my time and you give up a weekend of your time.
I give you my full attention, and we work together on that building project you were having trouble getting your head around, but know you want to get going.

You bring your ideas and some basic materials. I show you how maximise passive solar principles. I help you to choose building materials that give you the look and feel that you want for the budget that you have in mind. We work through what to consider with regard to privacy for and from your neighbours, and what to look out for with the peculiarities of your site. I give you the odd reality check when its needed. We immerse ourselves in the world of ideas and practicalities. By Sunday afternoon, you will have most, if not all, design conundrums sorted out sufficiently to take your project to the next stage confidently.

Workshops are limited to two projects. I’ll cover a few simple basics in the first hour and then we start on your projects. You can come as a couple or solo. Whilst I’m working one on one with you, the other folk are sketching, researching, considering and formulating more ideas. Everyone gets equal time with me. There’s also a lot of shared learning and dialogue as you get curious about each others projects. There’s lots of immersion, collaboration, enquiry, and fabulous “aha” moments as design issues are resolved.

These workshops are run over two days, from my home, over 4 x 3 hour blocks. A shared lunch on the deck breaks up the day. A quick swim in the ocean nearby or the river across the road clears the brain fog. Its exhausting, exhilarating and satisfying. I’ll be running my next one in March 2019. Give me a buzz if you’re interested