“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us” Winston Churchill

Realising the dream of a home takes time.

As it should! There are a myriad of decisions to be considered in the process and the more diligently this is done, the better the result and the smoother the ride! Rather than be overwhelmed, walk through the process with that someone who understands what you want, and knows how to get you there.

Whether you are looking at renovations, additions or a new build here’s a breakdown of the process.

Generally the concept design phase accounts for 30% of this process. This is the phase that involves your input and collaboration the most.

Once we are satisfied that the concept design reflects your vision for the life you want to live, I liaise with the necessary consultants to make sure it will comply with all the regulatory requirements. This is the second phase and will require some, but less input from you. Certainly, it is the least exciting phase of the process! Tweaks to the concept design may need to be made during this phase. If thats the case, we work together to retain the integrity of your design, whilst satisfying the minutae and plethora of specialised regulations. Sounds scary , but you’ve hired me to make this stage easy for you.

Lastly, in the final phase, the technical drawings are produced to submit to builders for tender, or your builder, if you have one, and to gain a Construction Certificate from your local Council. These drawings contain all the necessary information to enable builder’s to quote accurately and to satisfy Council that it will be built to the Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia. The Technical drawings phase will still require your input around the fittings, fixtures, and finishes you’d like to have in your home.

Breaking the process down, below is the sequence of components I work through, either with you or for you, that lead to you getting the green light to build. You can choose to hire my service to take care of any one area, a combination of any, or all areas, depending on your previous experience and the demands on your time.

Site Analysis

Design Brief Development

Concept Design and Development

Basix Energy Efficiency Report

Co-ordination of Consultants-
Land surveyor
Rural Fire Services
Traffic Management Plan-where applicable
Ecologists and Arborists Report-where applicable
Building Surveyors

Production of Technical Drawings

Production of Specifications

Tendering Process

Project Management