“Forward Design Byron Bay offers up all the skills I’ve developed on the west coast over 28 years and a lifetime of design acuity. I’m excited to now bring this overarching body of knowledge, experience and skill to the beautiful Byron Bay region.”

Blessed with parents who always chose beautiful environments to live in, and a mother who was passionate about gardening, Pamela Forward grew up in several idyllic east coast locations before moving to Western Australia in 1986. Pamela has lived in sub-tropical, tropical and temperate zones of Australia and Asia, and continues the family tradition of seeking out beautiful home environments and being guided by sustainable living principles, particularly designing for climate.

In 1995 she completed the Permaculture Design Certificate at Murdoch University, while maintaining a community garden plot at APACE, North Fremantle, and “growing” three children.

In 1997 she moved, with family, to Margaret River. Pamela retrained from Teacher to Building Designer in 2002 has allowing Pamela to marry her passions for ‘treading lightly’ on the earth, organic gardening, passive solar building designs and sustainable community. Integrating the built form with edible and native landscapes is her speciality. Her building design career broadened naturally to include teaching workshops in the community on

  • straw bale garden walls
  • wicking bed design and construction
  • personalising your house design-design brief to concept design
  • integrating passive solar sustainable house design with productive food gardening for the Fair Harvest Margaret River’s annual Permaculture Design Certificate. http://www.fairharvest.com.au

and she delivered Living Smart- “Creating Sustainable Communities” in the Margaret River community on behalf of Augusta Margaret River Shire, to enable the Shire to meet its Sustainability Goals.

Fast forward to 2017 and Pamela has relocated back to the eastern seaboard and built a home and design practice at New Brighton. Click here https://www.facebook.com/forwarddesignbyronbay/ if you’d like to keep an eye on her Facebook page or here https://www.instagram.com/forwarddesignbyronbay/?hl=en to check out her instagram page